Wonder ME

Everyone has a their own perception of beauty. Undoubtedly, healthy skin is the main criteria of beauty. One of the main aspects of self-care is taking time to care about our skin. This process is always accompanied by experiments that help us find products that are designed specifically for us.

Why natural ?

Natural cosmetics speed up skin cells restoration process, fight against aging signs and fine lines and prevent the oxidative stress in the skin, giving it elasticity and density.

What ingredients in cosmetics are harmful?

Soap, shampoo, shower gel, cream, lotion – are integral parts of life. Some of them contain toxic materials like sulphates and parabens, that get from skin into our bodies, we breath them and touch them. They cause not only skin conditions but bring damage to internal organs as well.

Wonder me

Wonder Me is made of only 100% natural ingredients. Wonder Me’s products are specially made for those who want to make their skincare routine as organic as possible, considering that they don’t contain any synthetic substances and artificial supplements. Plus, Wonder Me is  cruelty-free, ecologically clean, and does not harm the environment.

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Model | Mariam Archemashvili

Photo | Ika Khargelia

Makeup| Tatiana Sabashvili / Makeup Atelier Georgia

Special thanks to Communal Hotel! | Address: 6, Kojori Str.