The modern world and animal rights

by Elene Meskhia

Neglecting, abusing, or simply ignoring the natural rights of animals seriously harms Mother Nature and pushes people to commit crimes against animals.

All animals have the right to exist under biological conditions and all animals have the right to be treated with respect. This law is still enshrined in the 1997 Universal Declaration of Animal Rights.

Despite the existence of the law, the brutal violation of animal rights is still an ongoing process. Unfortunately, in many cases, it is the fashion and beauty industry brands that are causing this process.

According to Human Society International, about 100 million animals die each year from natural fur garments in the fashion industry alone. According to Chinese statistics for 2014, the production of natural fur has killed 13 million foxes and 14 million raccoon dogs. In 2015, more than 4 million animals were killed in North America.

How do animals die in natural fur factories?

Animals are not even 1 year old when they have already experienced various bruises and fractures, as well as electric shock. In 2015, HIS photographed foxes and rabbits at a Chinese fur company, which first inflicted pain with electricity, then beat them with an iron rod to death and eventually arrested them. (video)

Fortunately, the beauty and fashion industry is increasing the number of brands that refuse to test animals every year.

In addition to the fashion industry, the facts of animal rights abuses are also very common in the beauty industry. Naturally, most brands test their products primarily on animals, but in addition, they sometimes use natural fur to make the necessary accessories for makeup.

Human Society International has launched the Cruelty-free campaign, which encourages companies operating in the business to stop testing their products on animals.

One of the most prominent members of this universal campaign is The Body Shop. It is one of the first brands to refuse to conduct experiments on animals and has been fighting for their rights since its inception. All of this happened before animal testing was banned in Britain in 1998. Moreover, Bodyshop, who implemented the idea ten years earlier, has been instrumental in enforcing the law in Britain.

The company Bodyshop has launched a campaign to ban animal testing cosmetics around the world.

The company has collected up to 8 million signatures to eliminate animal testing forever.

In October, Body Shop and Cruelty-Free International announced the voices of 8.3 million people at the UN headquarters in New York, calling for a global end to animal testing in cosmetology.

In 1989, Body Shop launched a campaign to end animal testing in cosmetics. It was the first global cosmetics company to fight this atrocity.


After their sustained campaign, the British government banned the testing of animals for cosmetic products and ingredients.


The Body Shop and BUAV campaign has helped ban the EU from testing animals in cosmetic products.


The EU has finally banned animal testing for cosmetic ingredients.


“We are celebrating history. It is forbidden to sell and import animals tested products and ingredients, which is prohibited by the European Union. Our campaign, together with Cruelty-Free International, collects 1 million signatures. ”


“We have collected 3 million signatures with Cruelty-Free International.”


We are seeing great progress around the world. In June, Nevada became the second state after California to end animal testing in new cosmetics. Prohibitions on the testing of cosmetic animals are coming into force in Taiwan, and the Colombian House of Representatives has voted in favor of a bill that would end the consumption of animals in tests for cosmetic products and ingredients.

Marc Jacobs also denies testing his products on animals. The brand says it does not use ingredients that are tested on animals and does not sell its products in China, as this is where animal testing of these types is allowed by law.

Notably, Estee Lauder, which sells in more than 150 countries and owns more than 25 brands, has joined Cruelty-Free since 2023. Consequently, cosmetics and self-care products will no longer be tested on animals.

The company says it is its responsibility to ban animal testing in its own brands and believes that with the help of strong partnerships and scientific advances, they will be able to contribute to the global end of animal testing.

Poster by Saba Tsikolia