by Irinka Tevdoradze

Ormaie is a Parisian perfume brand made in 2018. Creators of Ormaie are mother and son – Baptiste Bouygues and Marie-Lise Jonak who have experience in the perfume and fashion business. Ormaie is strongly associated with creative France – artisans, designers, photographs and writers. The art director was inspired by the modernism of Constantin Brancusi, the brand manifesto was written by the famous writer and Russian ballet historian Guillaume de Sardes. 

Another characteristic feature of the brand is its devotion to nature, which is also evident in the brandname (Ormaie means an elm grove). Bottles are made from recycled glass by the French company Saverglass, modernist stoppers are handmade from reclaimed wood. Baptise Bouygues wanted to make only one fragrance without any synthetic components, despite the fact that everyone told him it was impossible he still made it and now Ormaie has 7 100% natural fragrances. 

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