Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and builds. It’s not about excellence or mainstream standards – but literally about being who you are every day and trying to love yourself from the inside and out. Here are 8 beautiful people who set their own beauty standards, and prove that being unique is the only beauty standard anyone has to live up to.




An influencer and model known for her gorgeous beauty shots! She is also an advocate for body positivity. The whole industry admires her beautiful freckles.



Moffy is not like every other female supermodel. Sure, she is young, beautiful, talented and has the right body measurements, but there’s also something that sets her apart from all the other professional models. Moffy is cross-eyed.


Marley Hong 

A freelance Korean model, fought against traditional Korean beauty standards and became a model despite being covered head to toe in tattoos.


Ciprianna Quann and TK Wonder

Ciprianna Quann and TK Wonder are twins who are open about once disliking their natural hair — believing it deterred their modeling. Now, you can’t stop them from showing off their huge natural hair puffs every chance they get.


Diandra Forrest

Model is all about breaking impediments for people with albinism — in fashion and society. She’s also been stubborn about people with albinism not being defined by the condition. “My albinism is a part of me—and it’s beautiful—but it’s not all of me,” she told Glamour.


Alok Vaid-Menon

Alok Vaid-Menon is a self-described trans/gender artist, known for their bold hair and makeup looks. “Stop telling trans women & trans feminine people that we ‘wear too much makeup,’ ‘look like caricatures,’ and that we ‘shouldn’t do so much, this is transmisogyny.”  shared in an Instagram statement.


Slick Woods

Black and bold and beautiful! She’s one of the new faces of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand and has absolutely changed the game in many ways.  Her adorable presence is the destroyer of myths about big lips being unattractive and about women needing to have hair to be beautiful.

Winnie Harlow

Model Winnie Harlow has been slaying the industry since she first debuted on Cycle 21 of America’s Next Top Model as the show’s first model with vitiligo. After that, she’s modeled for top designers, and has over 2 million followers on Instagram —she is a role model, showing how beautiful people can be vitiligo.


Author: Mariam Metreveli