Beauty Files: Nino Dolidze


Beauty products are my weakness since childhood. I don’t have any specific memories that sparked interest in beauty and skincare, but I remember some vague moments from childhood. For example, as a guest at someone else’s house, I wouldn’t leave without locking up in bathroom and browsing through all the beauty products on the sink. Btw, I still have this habit.

I’ve been keeping my ‘personal’ collection – a lip balm and a hand cream – since I was 13 years old. As I grew older, the number of products and demands increased and after some time, I developed into quite a pretentious user of skincare. Nowadays, most of my products are organic and natural. My favorite brands are: Kora Organics, RMS Beauty, Tata Harper The Divine Company, Davines, Payot, Weleda, Moroccan Oil, Glossier, etc.



Usually, I can’t wake up early in the morning 😀 so, lovely breakfast and getting ready without no fuss – is not for me, no time for that. So, traditionally I get away with 5-minute makeup and Take Away coffee.

SKIN – I love natural, light makeup, so after moisturizing my skin, I use Glossier’s Skin Tint in Medium. I love this product because it does not have coverage function, but instead gives a healthy tone and smoothness to the skin.

EYES –  On the eyes, I use RMS Beauty eye concealer. The brand is one of my favorites. Its nontoxic, organic skincare and makeup is on the list of many celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Emma Watson etc. By the way, BUYERS is official distributor of the brand and you can view full assortment of the products online.

Morning 5-MINUTE MAKEUP – My 5-minute beauty routine is based on RMS Beauty MOD Signature Set: I use lip2cheek in Spell on my cheeks, lip2cheek in Smile for the peachy pink tone on my lips. I use Living Luminizer to highlight my cheekbones and eyelids. And last, cocoa lip and skin balm so that my lips are dewy. Last steps are RMS mascara, Glossier Boy Brow in brown to fix my brows and the perfume BYREDO – Rose of No Man’s Land.

EVENING MAKEUP – To transform the day makeup to evening, I just add more highlighter, black liner on the eyes and classic red lipstick.

General Skincare Routine:

In the mornings, I use Tata Harper’s oil cleanser. It is my discovery for winter’s season when the skin is relatively dry and sensitive to the environment. Its oily texture moisturizes the skin perfectly, natural ingredients and vitamins nourish the skin and leave a very pleasant feel throughout the day.

Afterwards, I use Kora Organics Balancing Rose Mist, enriched with antioxidants which help to produce collagen. Plus, it has an amazing scent that instantly wakes me up in the morning.

Next steps in the morning routine:

Eye Cream, Vitamin C Serum or face oil made with natural ingredients. Currently, I started using Weleda almond soothing facial oil. Last step is moisturizing cream. Now, I’m using Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer. It’s airy and light and smooths out the skin. For the winter period, I prefer Darphin’s Hydraskin Rich which is better suited for my ultra dried skin.



To remove makeup and all the dirt that builds up during the day on my skin, I use RMS coconut oil. I pour several drops of oil on a damp cotton pad and cleanse my skin. Then, rinse. Before going to sleep, I apply coconut oil as anti-oxidant. This organic product has super smell and what’s most important – works wonders on my skin for the next morning.


In summer, my hair becomes dry and dull, so I use moisturizing products. 10 minutes before washing my hair, I apply PHYTO Elixir Oil to soften the hair structure. Then, I use moisturizing shampoo by PHYTO.

Often, I will use these same products mixed with PHYTO shampoo for colored-treated hair to enhance cosmetic color. Plus, I also like hair mask from the same product line. This amazing brand will also be available soon at BUYERS.GE.

In my everyday life, I use Moroccanoil oil treatment on my hair ends. I use it after towel-dried hair or fully dried hair. This product is something I can’t live without. I’ve grown so accustomed to it over past several years. First of all, Morrocanoil is one of the many companies which used Argan tree oil in beauty products and since then, this ingredient has become one of the hit substances used not only in hair care, but also in face serums, oils and creams. It has amazing anti oxidant and softening formula that is perfect for any hair or skin type.

During fall, hair loss problem is intensified so Davines Energizing shampoo and gel is my salvation. I use it after washing my hair and drying it with towel.

SPA Ritual

On weekends, when I have more time for myself, I love to arrange Spa days at home.

Aromatic candle, bath salt, face mask, body scrub – these are essential treats that I always keep in my bathroom. I love to fill the tub, light up my favorite scents and just relax. It is a perfect way to get free from stress after long and busy week.