BUYERS x TBC Status -Interview With Gvantsa Jishkariani

by Mary Bitchashvili

“Gvantsa Jishkariani is Tbilisi based artist whose primary medium is installation. Her work addresses first and foremost the topics of expectations, beliefs and taste. The temporary nature of the paradox that arises when searching for concrete definitions of right and wrong, east and west, old and new is one of her subjects of interest. Gvantsa’s art is inspired by serendipity and intuition. She starts each work with preconceived composition and idea, but mostly without preliminary sketches. She wonders how ancient superstitions, social media and surrounding trashy images influence everyday life; how emotions, memories, views and personality are created.” – Project Art Beat

-You go online to seek …
I don’t think I seek anything in most of the cases; I go online to post.

-Your natural rhythms of daily life
-My cat wakes me up around 6 am :)) and then I do what I please, may it be a role-playing, dancing or nothing at all. Cause you know… now I have time. But, in general, I am always active and have energy for everything and beyond

-What brightens your day
these days I have discovered that from the activities that can be done indoors I love dancing and doing nothing the most. I also find huge pleasure in creating something new every day.


-What do you feel passionately about outside your profession?
-Mega passionate about Travel, thrifting, anything playful, anything risky, anything that’s new-new-new.

About your galleries

Patara Gallery

In 2017 my friend Nata and I Started Patara Gallery in an underground passage shop – a place for young artists to experiment, to take risks and for passersby to experience art in the most unexpected place.
My objective was to have a place free of expectations, because as an artist, I experienced on myself that when there are no expectations, you feel freer and do what you really, really want, not what you are expected to do. There’s no need to be “perfect” or even “good” or “understandable”. We said – f*** it, do what you want, here we are, here’s the space…Since then we did around 17 shows with Georgian and international artists, participated in exhibitions in Sweden, Greece, Germany… and then we had to move – in 2020 we moved to a new location – Vake Park Underground where the first thing we did was an installation, big celebration – shared magical food cooked by Jago Rackham, a chief we invited from England.

The Why Not Gallery

In 2018 Elene Kapanadze and I started The Why Not Gallery – in another underground passage – under the flower market on Orbeliani square. The intention is to focus on young artists and create a platform for them. The project aspires to introduce cutting edge artists to wider audiences, support their creative endeavors, as well as stimulate the scene by showcasing exciting international artists. Conceived as an experiment, the project welcomes and encourages all sorts of experiments and trials. However, the team intends to present a body of work that is in touch with contemporary aesthetic, has a strong message to convey and muses on relevant discourses. First year it was a window gallery showing international video artists  (Hannah Black, Polina Kanis…) and Georgian Artists (Vato Tsereteli, Sophia Tabatadze, Oleg Timchenko, Zura Tsofurashvili…). On year 2 we changed our strategy and started being a “Nomadic Gallery” Doing shows in different spaces – so we did the Ana Chaduneli solo show in collaboration with 4710 Gallery, the Camille Lévêque and Lucie Khahoutian show in collaboration with Patara Gallery, this month we were going to open my own solo show at Open Space, but heyyyyyy CORONAVIRUUUUSS
The Why Not Gallery has also a Gift Shop where we collaborate with Georgian Contemporary artists and create unique limited edition objects(BTW scarf with my design is sold in buyers too )) With this shop we try to change the local market of ugly, boring and low-quality gifts that (for example) some museum shops are offering, and also, help artists to get an additional source of income.
To me both of these galleries are the clearest representation of what love, caring, and hardworking all together is. Every detail of it is crafted with huuuugee love and I hope viewers can feel it too.


-Things you can’t live without
-The strange thing is that I never miss anything. And even though I love things and have a lot of stuff, I can easily live without them.

-How did you meet your pet? Your connection with your cat and about the spiritual sides of having a pet.
I loved “Kiki’s Delivery Service” as since my early years. It is an anime by Hayao Miyazaki. It’s a story of a young witch, named Kiki who is now 13 years old. She is still a little green and plenty headstrong, but also resourceful, imaginative, and determined. With her trusty wisp of a talking cat named Jiji by her side she’s ready to take on the world. I found many similarities with Kiki and loved her cat Jiji too, I dreamt of having a little black kitten with green eyes whom I would play talk and travel with… so after some years my aunt found a black kitten and brought her to me.
She’s the most loving and kind cat ever. She adopted three other newborn kittens two years ago, and fed them, raised them as her own.
She’s 8 years old, has seen many things, she knows many secrets of mine but not saying anything yet.

-How do you maintain mental and physical health during this period?
I keep doing what I love (and I am lucky that my profession and all my activities are connected to things I love doing), TBH I am pretty comfortable with myself -you can do so many things alone – like singing, dancing, talking to my cat, stretching or staring out from the window. Sometimes it’s very important to get bored (also possible to be done alone)

-What do you recommend (movies, tv-series, books)
-I love Yorgos Lanthimos movies like Dogtooth or The Lobster… but those might be too much in CORONATIMES, so I could also recommend watching NAKED AND AFRAID tv series :3 books? I read only magazines! (Just kidding), maybe you could give a try to thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman which is my favorite book EVER.

-First week after quarantine. How do you see this?