How to create a routine that adapts to the new normal

by Mary Bitchashvili

Peak of Covid – great! Memes, news, tiktok, challenges, mood-boosting throwbacks from the past years, cookies, recipes, recommendations, doing all of these things and being very anxious about same things when others do it.
Some people think they feel like super single, some couples definitely have some guilty feelings for the lack of intimacy.

#1 Say no to challenges

Free workouts, snack reviews ( God knows it’s delicious or not) , beauty routines, life changing books, never ending instagram stories, group pictures, zoom pictures, pictures with filters, pictures with homies, pictures with drunk friends on the stairs leaving the club ( I miss this situation, time when I was dreaming being home and building my skincare routine).

#2 Say yes to everything positive

Ask me a questions, togetherness, new hobbies ( Aw I’m a great painter ), toasts, fights, try-not-to-freak-out techniques, first-time-cupcakes ( tell me any recipe for something that is good for weeks in the fridge)

I’m not sarcastic. I do all of these things every day, diligently, endlessly and it’s fine, B-E-A-UTIFUL.

#3 How about doing nothing?

The best way to find a correct solution is to take a break. Creativity depends on stillness. Just sometimes forget this artificial 24/7 “interesting” overactivity