Trend Alerts for Fall 2019

Trends are mysterious creatures, making us go mad from season to season. It feels like we are in a running contest but there is no finish line, you reach the finish point and bam, there is another start right away, another trend to follow and to look up to.

I have been thinking about new trends and items that would be must have for the upcoming season and guess the best way to find the truth. I have gone through VOGUE Runway section once more and had a close look to the most iconic and eye-catching pieces.

The absolute winner in the seasonal trends is

Statement Coats 



Louis Vuitton






Statement Boots



Proenza Schouler 


Full-Length / Oversized Trousers 





And a Bonus !

I just wanted this look to be sitting somewhere in this post, because it was a love at first sight between us.

So, when are you planning your next shopping day to keep up to all the trends?

I am starting right now online.

Happy Shopping