Dedicated To Women Who Have Received A Cancer Diagnosis

by Mary Bitchashvili

Violets Are Blue was created by Cynthia Besteman because of a personal need for skincare that is natural and safe for the body as well as the environment. Born in Seattle, Cynthia first landed in New York City determined to find her way as an actress, after completing a major in theater at the University of Oregon. She worked on Broadway for 10yrs before checking out the real estate scene and quickly became one of the top brokers in the city. After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis in 2011, Cynthia’s successful career in the cutthroat world of New York City real estate came to a skidding halt.

“When I was in radiation, I felt like every ounce of moisture had been sucked from my body,” Besteman says. “My nails were cracked and falling off. My hair was fried. It felt like I was stuck in the desert without water, SPF, or an umbrella. My skin hurt all over.” But she soon realized that women without a cancer diagnosis could also benefit from all-natural skincare goods, and now Violets Are Blue offers a Signature line for those women and a Beloved line for women with cancer whose skin needs extra hydration and replenishment. While the idea of skin care products dedicated to women who have received a cancer diagnosis or are in treatment seems both necessary and a no-brainer, they haven’t always been available. In fact, only in the last decade or so have the beauty and spa industries truly evolved to better accommodate cancer patients.“
-Organic Spa Magazine

She used her knowledge and passion for naturally-derived skincare ingredients to formulate a consciously-produced line of products, each one true labor of love. Products are packaged in recyclable material. The brand owner believes that keeping it simple is best.
Violets Are Blue has a line specifically designed for women undergoing treatment for cancer.

You may help by purchasing a gift for someone you care about, or by making a donation toward their cause – 100% of donations go directly toward gift packages. Or, treat yourself to a beautiful skincare product, happily knowing that 10% of all purchases support these gratefully welcomed gift packages.