BUYERS X TBC Status – Interview With Elene Makharashvili

by Mary Bitchashvili


Interview with model, store owner, actor and dreamer at the same time.


-how difficult has it been to live in another country?
-I’ve  travelled a lot  and lived in different countries and I was always homesick,but I had very special connection with US.It felt like home since the very first day i got here. Of course  living away from home comes with a lot of difficulties, but facing those challenges daily is something that helps me grow as a person.That’s why I love living in LA.

-What’s the hardest decision you’ve had to make as a model?
-To be honest I never had to deal with the problems as a model,I had a really good mother agency that had my back and was doing all the right things for me and I’m very lucky and grateful for that.

-What is essential part of fashion to you.
-Fun, models in the backstage,drinks and food lol.

How have you changed through years?
-I feel like I’ve changed in the past 3 years,when I first moved to New York, that’s when I started growing really fast.I’ve met so many amazing people and not only people but in general New York lifestyle opened my mind.

-Your basic routine
-Wake up early,healthy breakfast,30mins workout,drink a lot of water,bike to work,come back home and go to sleep early.

-Your store Cherry On Top Vintage LA is all about mixing decades and pieces from the past. Tell us more about your curated selection and process behind this experience.
-The process behind the experience is very interesting,As me and my partner Natuta Bagrationi are traveling around California to find the unique pieces.We never plan in advance what the theme of the next collection will be,the inspiration  comes in the process and it turns out really fun at the end of the day


-How do you manage to have a dialogue with your brand community?
-As we don’t have the website,it’s an Instagram shop so gladly we  are the ones  who connect with the customers itself on regular basis. We’re always trying to get the feedback,ask questions and stay connected.

-If you are living in LA head over to…
-Echo Park Lake



-“Now is everything”  was completely new experience for you and you had to do something that stands out. What about getting into acting for the first time?
-It was completely new experience indeed.Acting is very tough and needs a lot of work,I don’t think I do  have time for that,as I’m trying to focus on other things, but if something comes up I’m into it 100%!


Favorite spot
-Intelligentsia coffee shop,Silverlake
I have a natural affinity for…
-A certain thinker,that thinks like me
Something that I was surprised to find
-Multiple inner personalities
I’m lucky in that I can…
-Live the life, that I love



Most memorable place
-Joshua tree at night



-LA Nightlife
-Stella bar, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s,Akbar,Mama Shelter’s rooftop

-LA breakfast spots
-Blue jam cafe, Botanico Cafe

-LA shopping spots
-Silver lake flea market,Recess la,Shop super street,Shop sleeper,Sunbeam vintage, what goes around nyc and many more..


Mama Shelter’s rooftop
Silver Lake Flea Market
Blue jam cafe