BUYERS Mag X TBC Status -Miami Ad School Tbilisi

by Elene Meskhia

Miami Ad School, one of the best schools in the marketing industry, has been opened in Tbilisi in partnership with TBC Bank and Free university. Miami ad school is a network of 15 other schools. The school was founded in 1993 in Miami. It is a high-reputation, efficient school with a fully customized model. Students at Miami ad school Tbilisi will explore copywriting and art direction.

Students will study for 2 years. For the first two quarters, so half a year, students will study at Kakha Bendukidze’s campus in Tbilisi and then continue their studies in Berlin. According to Giorgi Popiashvili, the founder of Miami Ad School Tbilisi, this will compensate for the loss that students would definitely feel if they studied only in Tbilisi.

Before returning to Tbilisi after Berlin, students will spend two more quarters either at Miami Ed school other branch or undergoing internships at partner agencies. Only then will they return to Tbilisi. They will undergo internships at a local agency and complete their portfolio work in the last, 8th quarter. In the process of creating a portfolio, the student will work with the mentor to compile and finalize the projects he or she will create over these two years.


As Koka Kamushadze, Head of TBC Brand and Creative Projects, told Buyers, Georgian and international creative industries will be well trained together through Miami ad school and will contribute to the development of both Georgian lecturers and students.

“In general, the creative industry itself is very important for us, the TBC brand. Miami ad school is one of the leading institutions in the world’s creative industry. This is one of the best schools in the creative direction, which will do a great job for the Georgian creative industry.

As soon as the Georgian team starts the negotiation process with the International School, we are involved in the whole process from that moment. A great deal of work will be done for this industry in the near future.

On the one hand, Georgian lecturers will develop here, students will continue their studies abroad and will undergo internships in international campuses. ”


What do students learn at university?

Students have the opportunity to study co-reading and art directing at Miami ad school. Today, these two directions are becoming more and more in demand in the world.

These two professions create and cover everything that is called “creativity” in the field of marketing. Based on the content of this speech, we can understand that the main function of both professions is to generate interesting and relevant communication ideas. Communication is always either verbal or visual, or both. An art director is a person who thinks visually, seeks out visions and messages in visuals, and a copyright instrument is language and words.

After studying copywriting and art directing at Miami ad school, you can boldly say, “Yes, I have experience.”

Giorgi Popiashvili, a representative of Miami Ad School in Georgia, says that students will spend the first year in study mode, but that does not mean that they will read their theories and books. He said students will be involved in real processes, will have briefs and will work with mentors.

“Lecturers at Miami ad school are art directors, copywriters, creative directors. Specifically, the people who are in direct contact with modern brands and the industry. Students will have access to about 80 partner advertising industries around the world where they will be given the opportunity to undergo internships. Of course, in all good places, there is a great demand and the student with his GPA and portfolio should get to the place where he wants to go. ”

Asked whether it is difficult to get into Miami ad school, Giorgi Popiashvili said that it is not difficult to get to school, he said that everyone can pass and there are no specific requirements for students at the school, however, schooling is quite difficult and intensive.

“Getting to Miami ad school Tbilisi is easy, the learning process is difficult. The main thing is to send the application on time and be an adult. During the study process, students will have to go through many subjects and do practical work within all subjects. A large proportion of students face difficulties in learning more than in passing. ”

Cover by Saba Tsikolia