by Giorgi Wazowski

My position at Buyers is a graphic designer, but sometimes, I also edit videos. I used to shoot them on my own as well. I’ve had days when I had to do everything, from painting the walls to doing model’s makeup.
Out of Buyers, whenever I have a little time for myself, I create visual art. I work on different projects, installations, sculptures and videos.

Lately, I’ve been digging in a fusion of arts and science. It may sound a little exaggerated, but I have the biggest passion for Sci-fi concept. I want to experiment with different materials, expressing myself visually and emotionally. I think, the diversity and expansion of art is what our future stands for.

I think, my happy time was in my childhood, this is the part of my life that I can clearly remember.  I have this huge nostalgy related to some locations. Even though, I might not remember their details, they still seem to be stuck in my unconscious, involving crucial moments of my life. My mom is from Batumi, so I used to spend a lot of time being there. I have this huge love and connection with this city and I think my creations reflect that. I feel good when I’m in Batumi. For me, sea is associated with careless childhood and borderless utopia.

As for my superpower, I always wanted to be able of teleportation. If I turn off my ego, I think it will be beneficial for me and my surroundings, but discussing this is a little boring.

In seven years, I see myself working in Ministry Of Culture.  just kidding, obviously. I don’t think about the future, instead, I try to make my present as great as I can and have a lot of fun.

I think, years after, people will have a nostalgia towards their hair. Intuitively, I think people put so much effort into getting rid of hair on their body, that it will eventually leave them hairless.
If money and time had zero power, as cliche as it may sound, I would travel. In my eyes, without these two factors life would make no sense. The more you age, the more you need them, but they rarely come together. You either have time or you have money.

Text: Mariam Metreveli, Nutsa Chubinidze

Photo: Buba Beboshvili