BUYERS X The Body Shop Georgia – Motivational Diary

by Mary Bitchashvili


Name: Natia Chikovani
Profession: Marketer/ Model

-Your daily routine
-Let’s talk about my working days. Weekend is always different from what I plan.
My morning starts at 08:00 but always try to wake up earlier at 07:00. First of all, I drink warm lemon water, morning pet care routine and my personal hygiene.

Dry brushing is part of my routine, it’s perfect for blood circulation.

Then I make smoothies with green vegetables, frozen fruits, bananas or seasonal products. To sip my way to better health, I make resveratol-infused smoothies and also add primrose oil capsule. Sometimes I use superfoods, especially spirulina, maca root, acai berries,  wolfberry, cacao powder and etc, depends on my mood. When money is tight eating healthy can’t be a struggle, if you use mix of vegetables, fruit and water.
After breakfast I make homemade takeaways. If I don’t have enough time in the morning, I skip breakfast and eat brunch food.

I start my evening gym workout at 18:00 pm. To me the best workout is Barwis method – Stay strong classes ( Crossfit ). I try to develop in MMA  and make morning yoga for motivation and energy. I’m pretty sure it will boost my energy level as well as I get it at Champion’s academy.

Latest time I eat is 21:00 pm. Then I do the things I’m interested in. Now I read the book “How food works”, I often read about different types of feminist theories, different political ideologies , politician careers ( last book I read about it was Emir Kusturica’s portrait of Uruguay’s colourful former president, the former bank robber José ‘Pepe’ Mujica. I’m interested in psychology and listen to audiobooks (recommended by my friends) to learn good communication and mindfulness. When tired, I watch TV series or read fantasy and detective books.

-What is having grown along with the digital revolution. Influence of social network on people
-Social network has both positive and negative effects. Positive side is socilizing, communication (especially for introverts) and warp-speed world in which information spreads insanely fast. Facebook helps people to share immediate experiences and thoughts with communities. It has many interesting options: poll, sharing someone’s status, check ins , groups, events and etc. It’s very influential and dangerous in the same way. For example fake news – often created to influence views. Our future challenge is to differ truth and misinformation.

-Your beauty box ( beauty products you use )
-Collagen soaps, rose scrubs, coconut under eye cream, argan oil body lotion, shea and cocoa butters. Sometimes I make homemade facemasks and scrubs. Once I made a lipstick and felt excited about it.

While traveling and going to gym I try to have mini beauty products, it’s very comfortabe.

The Body Shop Mini Hand Cream
Shea Butter / Shower Gel / Hand Cream

-Give us the motivational advice
Mastering your emotions, no matter what the situation, is a powerful strategy and tool to help you get through life in the best possible way and make 180 degree turn.

-Most delicious healthy recipe for morning, afternoon, evening

Buckwheat and blackberry cream recipe

-4 tsp Buckwheat
-0.5 mg almondmilk ( I have made it at home, you can also replace with lactose free cow’s milk )
-2 tsp vanilla extract
-200 mg blackberry
-sprinkle salt

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and cook buckwheat. Grind the groats into flour and add warm milk.  Serve with blackberry sauce.

Caesar Pasta

-Spinach Mac
-Grill-roasted chicken
-Iceberg wedges or lettuce
-Homemade Caesar Sauce
-Fresh garlic cloves
-Dijon mustard
-Egg yolk
-1 unit of lemon juice
-Olive oil

Baked Potato With Eggs

-Make oven roasted potatoes.
-When the potatoes are cool enough to handle cut potatoes in half lengthwise, scoop the interior out of each leaving about 1/4 inch shell of potato flesh and skin. Make space for the eggs and continue baking.Cook at 200°C (400°F) for 10-15 minutes until the egg is set. The whites are set while the yolks are a bit runny.
-Serve with coriander and dijon mustard.

Cooked Potato With Eggs
Buckwheat Cream
Caesar Pasta

-When did you start your self-improvement
-I gained weight in 2017, ate sweets, bakeries and extra calories. I felt exhausted. At that time Champions Academy opened. This place is my physical wellness and full of mental wealth benefits. I have my owns “Ups and downs” but try to balance everything. This is important part of my daily routine.

Champions Academy

-Feminism perspectives on the body
-I was mad about Victoria’s secret in my teenage years. I knew all models, shows, campaigns. I defended my thesis about this brand to get an undergraduate diploma in German school. I believed it was a perfect body image, started negative self-talk and body shaming, wanted plastic surgery. I’m thankful to Materiel Tbilisi designers, who supported me and made me believe in myself. Years later my priorities, values, thoughts have changed. I think that their definition of sexy and perfect body is wrong.Now this brand is failing and they are officially canceling its 2019 fashion show.

My ex boyfriend was annoyed by my arm hair and ask me to remove. I accepted and now I think it was foolish decision.

Beauty is subjective. Idealized standards hurt people and is source of discrimination, disturbing effects. We have to fight stigmas.

-A challenge for girls today

-Women were fighting for their suffrage, against patriarchy and rights for years. Gender equality gives us possibility to get back self confidence. For example, majority of women are still limiting their career options, we have to change it!

-The problems you faced with criticizing in your modeling career.
-Beauty stigmas. Minimum height was close to minimum standard 173 cm. I thought I was not tall enough. But now I really don’t care.

-About your blog MY CHOCOLATE DAYS . Why you started.
-I try to write and share essential information about healthy life, it has many benefits for other people. I’m perfectionist and try to write everything in details.



-Your future plans
-I want to write about many important things and not only recipes. Latest article was about pet care. Next one is about women’s rights and emancipation.
-Self-love starts with…
-Mood, which depends on your self-confidence.

-I am most proud of…
-Fair mindedness.