Artist Profile / Salome Dumbadze

by Mariam Tsetskhladze
Name: Salome Dumbadze
Age: 25
Currently listening to: Susumo yokota-acid Mt. Fuji; John Maus-Keep pushing on
Currently watching: Rick and Mortyl
Last seen: Kenneth Anger- Lucifer rising (1972)
Currently listening to audio book: Arkady and Boris Strugatsky: Roadside Picnic


Mariam: You recently went to Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Art, Was the experience important to you?
Salome: In Sazlburg I worked with Mark Van Yetter, who gave me lots of great advice and helped me set goals for the future. Currently I’m feeling very inspired and am working on new projects.
M: Can you tell us more about one of your newer projects?
S: With the help of Propaganda, I’m working on a new exhibition with Qeu Meparishvili and Nina Pataridze. Exhibition will open for public in September.
M: Your paintings are often in pastel colours and are easy on the eye, but there is an inherent emptyness and a dark side to you work. Is this deliberate?
S: A lot of my work is a visualisation of my thoughts, where several main objects hold attention. The surrounding spaces are empty. It is interesting to me on a subconscious level to work on those empty spaces.


M: Do any of your childhood memories inspire you?
S: There is a definite parallel between my work and my childhood memories. I can vividly remember moments from my childhood, sometimes they might just be visualisations of stories I’ve heard from my family.

One of my strongest memories is the first time I saw sea as a 6 year old. I remember holding my breath when I saw it. My memories are always in third person, so I’m always watching myself from afar. This particular memory has manifested itself on a two dimensional surface, like my paintings or photographs. Some of the details I use in my art come from family photographs, like my swimsuit or the way I wore my hair.


Text / Mariam Tsetskhladze

Photo / Beqa Chokoshvili

Style / Giorgi Wazowski

Outfit / George Keburia, Tiko Paksa

MUA / MakeUp Atelier Georgia, Anna Todua


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